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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

So Hubby has asked me to knit him a Dr Who scarf...

Tom Baker Scarf
Tom Baker Scarf 2
Does he even know how many differendt designs there are?!?!?! There are 14...yes 14 versions listed on Ravelry here and here.

Then there other items such as...

Dr. Who Scarf Tie
Dr. Who Wrist Warmers
Dr, Who Cowl (matches the wrist warmers)

Bokaclava (this looks interesting)

Mustn't forget all the stuffies either....

 From snuffykin

Rose Tyler Doll

Ninth Dr. Who

Tenth Dr. Who

From Pixelated Mushroom Craft Blog:

Gareth and John are part of the Torchwood series. I had no idea that Torchwood was connected to Dr. Who series until I watched
The 2006 series featured "Torchwood" as its arc word, an anagram of "Doctor Who" that was used as the codename for the new series of Doctor Who while filming its first few episodes and on the 'rushes' tapes to ensure they were not intercepted.[4]
The word first appeared in Doctor Who in the 2005 series episode "Bad Wolf", as an answer in the game show, The Weakest Link. The actual "Torchwood" arc of Doctor Who spanned from "The Christmas Invasion" to "Doomsday".[5] The word was seeded throughout the 2006 series as a means for the BBC to introduce the basis for a spin-off series, Torchwood, set in modern-day Cardiff and involving a mysterious organisation which investigates alien activities and crime. The series features John Barrowman as former companion Jack Harkness and premiered in October 2006. References to Torchwood have also since reappeared in Doctor Who. The Doctor and Rose repeatedly encountered mentions of "Torchwood" throughout the series until the episodes "Army of Ghosts" and "Doomsday", which included Torchwood as an integral part of the plot. Here the Doctor meets the organisation, and learns they have been monitoring him (his Tenth incarnation) since his encounter with Queen Victoria. As a conclusion of the storyarc, the Torchwood Institute's London branch was destroyed. In addition to episodes of the 2006 series, the organisation was given a similar treatment to "Bad Wolf" in spin-off material such as web literature, webcasts and novels.

David Tennant
Matt Smith
John Barrowman
Gareth David-Lloyd

More from Pixelated Mushroom Craft Blog
Mini Tom Baker (4)
Mini Peter Davison (5)

Mini Matt Smith (11)
Tardis (Small)
Mini Christopher Eccleston (9)
Tardis (large version)

Mini David Tennant (10)
Mini John Pertwee (3)

Mini William Hartnell (1)
Mini K-9
My goodness you wouldn't believe the amount of Dr. Who and Torchwood amigurumis and other stuff there is on Ravelry!

Check out the 2 K-9's that are available...

The other one is available in a book by Joy Gammon called  The Doctor Who Pattern Book. If you remember Joy has written many books over the years. I really would love to find the book. There is even a cute hippo in it!

Dr. Who Pattern Book


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