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I am a knitter and crocheter and love to design when I get a chance. I am known as the crazy cat lady with 3 dogs. I am a mother to 3 of my own and step-mother to several. I am also a grandmother.

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Welcome to my blog. I hope to blog about my knitting and crocheting as well as everyday life. The patterns that I post are original and as such there is copyright on them. When they are based on another pattern there is a link to the pattern.

My husband and I adopted a beautiful dog named Leo. He is a dachshund and absolutely adorable! we adopted him on June 23, 2010 and he has become the love of our lives.

I love to share patterns that I find along the way or to talk about some of the neatest designers that are out there today, so I love to post links to the designs or the designers.

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Thursday, February 27, 2014

CeeCee Remembers Joplin

Back in 2011, Joplin survived through a devastating tornadao. AFB Page was

Elephants Remember Jopolin
Well this was a tweet post on Ty Pennington's Twitter Account...

How cool is that! If you want to help CeeCee knit or crochet some Elephants patterns are available here:

Elephant Pattern

Check out the FB page and see what you think.

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

8 Afghans to Crochet....along with pillows and slippers/

Staying cozy by the fire this winter is top priority in our books! Try these super cozy afghans and use your extra yarn to make pillowsand slippers to match!
Fireside Afghans
  1. Brown and Gray Lapghan
  2. The Lodge Look Afghan
  3. S'mores Ripple
  4. Faux Shearling Throw
  5. Cozy Crochet Cable Throw
  6. Highland Home Afghan
  7. Bargello Throw Printable
  8. Cuddly Sleeved Afghan
Pillows and Slippers
  1. Ruffle Rose Pillow
  2. Crochet Zig Zag Pilow
  3. Fantastic Fox Pillow
  4. Striped Patio Pillows
  5. Let It Snow Pillow
  6. Sixty Minute Slippers
  7. Women's Loafers
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Happy Crocheting,

Editor of Laying It All Out

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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Another rant on Copyright...ugh!

As you know, I am a moderator for the Ravelry group, Alan Dart. So periodically I get emails from Alan re: copyright issues. Last summer I got an email regarding a new children's book called Mouseton Abbey. They also have a FB pg. So the issue is that the characters are knit and the women that knit them used Alan Darts mice patterns, more than likely his Dickensian Party Mice or his 

Medieval Mice. On the FB pg it was finally acknowledged that the mice were knit from Alan's patterns, however now they are saying they are going to release a pattern book of the mice...ugh!

Oh and to top it off...this is a play on the popular tv show Downton Abbey...copyright infringement there as well!

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Monday, July 15, 2013

29 Never Before Featured Patterns...Hooked On Crochet from AllFreeCrochet,

Hi My Friendly Crocheters,
Cute Little CloudsThere's no better way to start off your week than with a collection of brand new, never-before-seen crochet patterns. We've been busy adding new patterns to AllFreeCrochet, and these Cute Little Clouds are our favorite. Aren't they adorable?

Find more awesome patterns below, plus don't miss our brand new collection of 19 kitchen crochet patterns. You'll find the best crocheted coasters, potholders, cozies, and more.

Brand New Patterns:

Add just the right amount of flair to your wardrobe with this collection of lightweight and colorful scarves. Download your free copy of The Best Light & Lacy Knit Scarf Patterns: 7 Free Scarf Patterns for You today.
Happy Crocheting,
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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Updated photo on the "I just want to bang my head against the wall".

Don Martin's Photos

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Somedays I just want to bang my head against a brick wall...ugh

I really like Danielle Smith (leader of the Alberta Wildrose Party). I may not agree with everything the stand for becasue I still support the ND's all the way :) Danielle has changed her position on a few key platform after talking with the LGBTQ community. she helped with pet rescues in High River during the flood last week. She is a really neet lady :)

Some of the people that ran for MLA I just have to shake my head, wondering exactly what plannet they came from...ugh.

So Julie Mathews (troubleshooter for Global Edmonton) Posted a question on FB.

  • Do you know someone hurt by "sexting?

    Sexting, or texting sexy photos and messages can do a lot of harm if that information falls into the wrong hands. With social media, data like this can spread quickly and have big consequences on your life. Many teenagers are especially impacted by this. If you know a parent of a teen or a teen willing to share their story please contact me at troubleshooter@globalnews.ca

Sext-Ed: Inside the sexting sub-culture of teens

This is so important as evidenced by a similar story done by W5. (Sext-Ed: Inside the sexting sub-culture of teens). Not sure why but Don Martin decided to put in his 2cents....ugh. I just shake my head some days! Julie is such as a sweet and Don was just so disrepectful!

Here are screen shots of what he said on Julie Page and on his own.

Julie's Page
Don Martin's Page
Talk about rude! So glad he didn't make it into government or the opposition!

Oh and because I don't agree with him I must be a "flipperless, lobotomized finger-painting walruses".


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