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Monday, May 2, 2011

So today is the day....both Election Day (already voted) and Public Hearing Day at City Hall.

Well as you know I am the Development Chair for Alberta Avenue Community League. We have had a very stressful time dealing with the Rezoning of the property on 95 St between 113 and 114 Ave in the Norwood area. First Consultation didn't go as planned and then the Public Hearing was scheduled for May 2, 2011. For most who read my blog, twitter and Facebook you know that it is also the Federal Election Day. That in itself wouldn't have been so bad except that silly old me signed up to be a poll clerk before the notice was given about this Public Hearing. It is called Norwood Village Apartments.

Norwood Village Concept (Doesn't show the Single Family Homes directly behind) 

This what the area looks like now:
Norwood Square (directly across from proposed development)
95 St and 114 Ave
95 St and 113 ave

So I wrote an email to councilors, the mayor and the city clerk.

Good Morning Mr. Mayor, Councilors and Mdme Clerk,

My name is Cora Shaw and I am a board member of the Alberta Avenue; also the Development Chair for the same board. I am also on the EFCL Planning and Development Committee, area G.

I have a number of concerns regarding this development however the one thing that needs to be addressed is the fact that the public hearing is also on election day, May 2nd. The community has asked that I speak on this however I am working as a poll clerk on that day. So I am unavailable to speak as I need to be at my poll from 6:30 am until the count is finished at the end of the day which will be after 7:30 pm when the poll closes.

I am sending a delegate GĂ©rard Forget to speak on the postponement of the hearing.

I am respectfully asking that the Public Hearing be moved to another day so that I can exercise my rights as a citizen in this democratic process.

Sincerely yours,

Cora Shaw

This was the answer that I received for the city clerk:

Thank you for your correspondence and wish to advise that if you wish to formally make a request to postpone this Bylaw we will require an email advising to the date and time you wish to postpone to. I copy teh email sent.

Please also note that as this Bylaw is not scheduled to be heard until 2 pm therefore Council will not make a decision prior to that time and we highly recommend that you attend/or someone attend to speak on your behalf to address your request if Council has any questions.

Trusting you find everything in order and if you require any additional information please feel free to contact me.

Tracey Orbell
Council Meeting Coordinator
Corporate Services Department
City of Edmonton
Ph. 442-4709, Fx. 496-8175

Er would love to except I am not privy to the schedules of the mayor, or councilors. I certainly do not know know when the schedule their Rubber Stamping er Public Hearings either, so Cris Basualdo started a petition as a result of this farce um miscommunication. Please click on the link and sign to support a community who is tired of being railroaded er "consulted" on these matters.

Here is my letter to the city:

Alberta Avenue Letter To City Council-May 2, 2011 Hear Postponement

More on this tomorrow or Tuesday, after I have recovered from the election.


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