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Monday, May 9, 2011

I am sooooo frustrated with so called pet owners! (Warning: Some disturbing pictures)

Why can't there be a way to figure out if they are going to be responsible or not? In the last 2 weeks I have heard about a dog, a dachshund, whose back was badly burned that he needs surgery (His name is Spartacus and is doing well). Another dachshund, Simon, who had to have back surgery due to IVDD. The owners paid for the surgery but didn't do any of the rehabilitation work for him-he may never walk again. A pit bull that was thrown out like lastnight garbage (He was named Patrick because he was found on St. Patrick's Day. Then along came Hafton a pitbull who had been stomped on and mistreated. Oh and don't forget Alice (a pitbull that has lived in a box for 6 1/2 yrs) and Daisy, a beagle puppy, whose owner seems to think it is okay seems it is okay to "rough house" a puppy! Then there is Joe, another Dachshund, whose owner threw him into a wall, where he sustained a major back injury. He is at Florida Dachshund Rescue in Tallahassee, Florida

Spartacus (aka Sparky)
He is currently being cared for through the Dachshund Rescue South Florida. Spartacus was turned into Miami Dade Animal Services (MDAS) on Wednesday, April 27th by his owner.   MDAS (Miami Dade Animal Services) is closed to owner surrenders right now, meaning Spartacus was likely brought in as an “owner euthanasia request”.  However, he was not euthanized despite having severe injuries and showing aggression towards the staff (likely as a result of the pain he was in).  Instead, DRSF was immediately contacted about an injured dachshund at MDAS needing rescue and we began planning for his release. This is the same shelter that had Lazarus, who I spoke about in a previous post.

Spartacus on April 27, 2011
Spartacus After Surgery on April 27/28, 2011
Spartacus eating and getting love.

Spartacus with bandages and covering
Spartacus is doing well although he somehow got ringworm. Update on Sparky from Janet...DRSF President and Medical Coordinator..."Because sparky's immune system is so compromised it looks like he has developed a fungal infection called ringworm. Ringworm is the same type of fungus as athlete fungus. It is not a parasite but rather, a host-specific fungus that is contagious to other dogs but will only cause short-term itching in other species. For this reason it is very important that visitors wash hands at Alton before touching other dogs. We will provide gloves and I will leave can of athletes foot spray to spray on hands or skin. I also encourage keeping can of Lysol in your car to disinfect I know this may scare off some visitors but since he will have to move back to small cage -- he will be desperate for visitors over next 3-4 wks. I very very much need help caring for him over next wks so he doesn't go stir crazy or get too lonely" If you can help visit with Sparky on a regular basis, please forward your e-mail and contact info to jshessley[at]comcast[dot]net! Also Spartacus has a new family willing to take him once he is allowed to move to his new forever home, sometime in June.

DRSF was contacted by the shelter again today for a 4 year old boy, 11 lbs, who was surrendered by his family for euthanization after he has not recovered from IVDD surgery which he had 6 months ago. He has control of his potty skills (i.e.  does not need to be exressed), and can stand for a couple seconds without assistance, but cannot walk on his own.  He was loved enough at one time to have vetting care, vaccines, and his family even had the surgery done, but they did not want to deal with him any longer, and brought him to the shelter to be put down. As with Laz, we want to help his little guy, but need a foster for him.  He will more than likely be a long term foster, and need a cart as well.  If you can help, let us know!!!!

According to Simon's Foster Mom: Simon will be looking for his forever family very soon, so please share with friends that a very handsome, 4 year old, 12 lb little boy will be holding interviews for his forever family! "He started acupuncture with Dr. Sullivan last week and I have now increased it to twice a week. He is able to stand up 10/15/30 seconds at a clip especially outside when he is in view of something interesting!!!

Went to Pet Fiesta and his diet is now raw foods, chicken, beef, turkey, hearts, vegs, duck, chicken necks, lots of organ meats for repair, and to integrate with his acupuncture.

He loves to walk and I have been dropping the harness so he is more weight bearing and builds up his muscles. Otherwise all is going extremely well." Yeah!!!!

Simon-May 8, 2011

Patrick The Miracle Dog
Patrick on the day (May 16, 2011) he was found.
The 22 story apartment building is equipped with garbage chutes on each floor for tenants. Someone had no more use for this dog so they had starved it to near death, put it in a garbage bag and threw it down the garbage chute. A maintenance worker cleans out the bin every few days and on Wednesday, March 16th, they were cleaning out the contents of the container to go directly into a trash compacter. The bag moved a little and the worker opened it to find a moribund dog inside; pathetically thin, cold and near death. Every bone in his body protrudes from his starvation.

The City of Newark Animal Control was contacted and Animal Control Officer Arthur Skinner picked up the dog and took him directly to the Society. The veterinary staff immediately put him on intravenous fluid; his temperature was so low that it did not even register on the thermometer. He was covered with heating pads and blankets and as Society veterinary technician Gina DeSalvo held the pit bull in her arms, she soothed him, gave him warmth, comfort and bits of food. From that moment on, he looked up with gratitude in his eyes to all of the staff.

Wrapped in blankets, on a heating pad, and given fluids and attention from staff, Patrick pulled through his first 24 hours.

After a brief time at the Society’s Newark facility, he was ambulanced to Garden State Veterinary Specialists in Tinton Falls; a referral hospital with 24 hour emergency care. If he died during that night, the team felt he would know that everyone loved and cared about him and treated him gently and lovingly. He amazed everyone at the Society and at Garden State by surviving with the 24 hour emergency care that they rendered. He was given a blood transfusion, a bath and even a walk! In honor of the first day of his re-birth, they named him Patrick, in honor of St. Patrick’s Day.
Patrick April 28, 2011

His health improves daily but he was so close to death that he is far from out of the woods. Keep up to date with Patrick’s progress and show your support here.

This is Patrick now. He is doing so well.

Daisy (not the original pup)
Daisy is an 8 week old puppy, who ended up in a video where her owner was being very rough with her. There is a Facebook page called Save Daisy.

Daisy the dog is a young puppy who lives in Slater, Missouri with her ABUSIVE owner. Her owner thinks it is funny to kick her, hit her, and shake her around. Police and animal control have been contacted. Neither have chosen to help Daisy the puppy. The evidence of Daisy's abuse is in video format, you can clearly see Daisy's owner hitting her, slapping her, and shaking her around until she is completely exhausted. Daisy does not deserve this abuse! She is a sweet, small puppy who is going to end up biting someone when she gets bigger, maybe even a child. She will ultimately pay the price with her life.

Please call city offices of Slater, MO and politely ask that animal control do their job and investigate this case.

Slater City Offices
232 Main St, Slater, MO 65349
(660) 529-2271

We need as many calls as we can! Only polite calls please!

An example of a polite call: Hello, I would like to request that animal control and/ or police officers investigate the cruel treatment of Daisy the dog by Austin Akin/aka Cory. As citizens of Missouri, we will not tolerate animals being abused and cruelly treated. Please help this dog before it is too late.

Other police #'s Phone 660-529-2243 Fax 660-529-2256

Here is the link for the Video!/video/video.php?v=180741631975342
Joey, the Dachshund

From Florida Dachshund Rescue: Joey is a beautiful 4 yr. old red smooth boy.  Joey was thrown against a wall by his previous owner in January, injuring his back. The owner did NOTHING for him, even though it was obvious that he had a serious back injury and was unable to use his rear legs. A young woman found out about him and removed him from their home, taking him to the vet’s office where she worked. Joey stayed there for a month until the hospital said he had to leave or they would put him down. Joey was hours away from being euthanized when FLDR found a friend who could go pick him up for us. Although she has fallen in love with Joey, she is not able to foster him, due to current circumstances. This was only a temporary situation until a long-term foster home could be found. Joey has a custom cart and is very mobile in the cart and when he’s not in the cart, is able to use his front legs to get wherever he wants to go. He does not have control of his bladder or bowels and needs to be expressed several times a day. This is something that anyone can learn to do and should not be a reason to pass on this special guy. A diaper can also be used with him. Lana, the woman caring for him, says he is standing on all fours, bearing weight on his hind legs, which is a great sign that he is making improvements.  Our hope is that Joey, in time, may walk again.   He is a happy boy, loves going for car rides and cuddling.

Now onto the main story...

Then we get the ones who get a dog and are clueless. They let their dog out without any supervision while they are away from the house...ARG!

Leo and I went for a walk, Friday (May 6, 2011) in our community. We, that is I, ended up talking to a couple who were looking into buying a house on 96 st just off of 112 ave. Leo was attacked by a Shiba Inu. This dog has a history of attacking animals. He went after another dog and broke one of its legs! The owners apparently let it wonder outside when they aren't home according to witnesses.

Here is a copy of my statement to the Animal Control Officer.

Here is some information regarding the Shiba Inu:

The Shiba Inu (柴犬) is the smallest of the six original and distinct breeds of dog from Japan. A small, agile dog that copes very well with mountainous terrain, the Shiba Inu was originally bred for hunting.  It is similar in appearance to the Akita, though much smaller in stature. It is one of the few ancient dog breeds still in existence in the world today. 

Shiba Inus are generally independent and intelligent dogs. Some owners struggle with obedience training, but as with many dogs, socialization at a young age can greatly affect temperament. Traits such as independence and intelligence are often associated with ancient dog breeds, such as the Shiba Inu. Shibas should always be on a leash, unless in a secured area, because of their strong prey drive. The Shiba who is generally confined to a small area can also be a master of escape.  They are extremely good to find ways to escape their restrictive world. They can scale fences as well as burrow under them. A small opening is always a big opportunity of escape.  You have to understand this. Otherwise you may have to spend hours searching for your Shiba.

So with these traits I am very lucky that Leo is doing okay. so far. We need to keep an eye on him as he had back surgery due to IVDD in January. The last time it took several days for symptoms to appear. So frustrating.

Leo and Patches (May 7, 2011)


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