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Monday, January 24, 2011

Five Free Valentine Amigurumi (Knit Doll) Patterns

So I thought I would try to find 5 knitted amigurumis to match the 5 free crocheted.

Here goes:

Love Hearts

*** Please note this pattern is only free on Ravelry! Sweet little love hearts that are fun to knit with a small amount of yarn. Perfect to use up your leftover stash! The hearts are knitted in one piece, starting at the bottom and finishing at the top, with only very little sewing to be done. They look gorgeous just knitted or they can be felted into cuddly little love hearts. These are a wonderful quick little knit and sure to put a smile on your Valentine! For more information, see: Ravelry is free to join.


From Knitty:
I created this heart for Valentine’s Day. I wanted something lovey-dovey to celebrate the day, hold the saccharin! If you too wish to give away your heart to someone, or put it on the shelf, or wear it on your sleeve, this pattern may be the answer. It is a fairly simple construction, knit all in one piece, and is a quick knit project despite the small gauge.


For anyone looking for a last-minute hand-made Valentine’s Day gift idea, done and done! These little hearts make a perfect topper for a box of chocolates, or a little handful of them will make your sweetie smile.

Amigurumi Lovebug

Long time no see, today I have another pattern for you all. Another crochet toy converted from the fantastic pattern by Heliina, you can find the crochet version here. Not only did she make a pretty little pink lovebug but by simply changing the colours you can make yourself a sweet little buzzy bee. My version is all knitted but I love how Heliina has added felt and pipe cleaners for more detail, especially the adorable heart shaped antennae. So show how much you love someone by giving them a little lovebug and brighten up their day.


Felted Fortune Cookies

(October 20, 2008 calendar page.) Whip up a few and throw them in a Chinese food box (you can find them at most craft stores). You can use them as party favors for weddings and baby showers. Write up some naughty fortunes and give them to your significant other for Valentines Day. Keep some on hand to give as gifts. Its a fun way to not only practice short rows but to use up your wool scraps (as you can see, several of my “cookies” are unusually colored). Please, send me pictures of your fortune cookies so I can see how yours turn out.



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