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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Lost and Found TV Show on NBC...I want this show to air.

As most readers of my blog know I do NOT normally promote tv shows as what I like may very well be different from what you like. This show is the exception...there are so many missing and murdered in the Canada and US, even around the world. These are people that would never be identified if not for the dedicated work of many people behind the scenes. Please, please join up and let NBC know that this is an important show in so many ways.


Lost & Found

The story: Detective Tessa Cooper (Katee Sackhoff, Battlestar Galactica) may be a brilliant crime solver, but she's a loose cannon in the eyes of her superiors because of her unorthodox methods and lack of boundaries. After repeatedly refusing to play by the book, Tessa is banished to the John Doe division, where the victims have no names, the cops have few leads and she's forced to partner with Burt Macey (Emmy Award winner Brian Cox, Nuremberg), a skilled, but surly old timer. Tessa's being set up to fail, but she is too stubborn to let that happen and resolves to give victims back their identities while giving closure to loved ones left behind.

From executive producer Dick Wolf and executive producer/writer Chris Levinson (Law & Order) comes a new twist on the crime drama and a young detective that is engaging, funny and totally original.

The cast:
* Katee Sackhoff (Detective Tessa Cooper)
* Brian Cox (Detective Burt Macey)
* Bahar Soomekh (Abigail Nezhukumatathil-Grant)
* Josh Cooke (Max Burroughs)
* Damon Herriman (Anthony Eckel)
* Holland (Leslie Dillinger)...

A meaningful topic: Giving their identities back to unidentified persons is the work of many volunteers in the United-States. One of them, Wayne Leng, created the website - first as a memorial to his friend Sarah and now to all the Vancouver Downtown Eastside missing and murdered women. In this interview with Todd Matthews, he talks about his work and his dedication to the missing and unidentified persons.

A couple of websites you might you want to check out :

* Peace 4 the missing
* NamUS
* The Doe Network

A few suggestions :

Write NBC lots of emails

Visit the official L&F website on
Submit News to
NBC Board : Where's Lost & Found ?
MICHAEL AUSIELLO (Entertainment Weekly)

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