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My husband and I adopted a beautiful dog named Leo. He is a dachshund and absolutely adorable! we adopted him on June 23, 2010 and he has become the love of our lives.

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Sunday, April 15, 2012

As you know I am passionate about animals....

have you ever wondered why I am concerned about dogs being offered for free on Kijiji or Craigslist...this why!
CRAIGSLIST WARNING!!!!!! (This was on Guardians of Rescue Facebook page)
Recently, we received a call on 2 puppies abandoned in a house in Brooklyn. We had them rescued and transported to us. Once we met them... we realized a horrible truth.....These dogs were not puppies, but we understand why the volunteer thought they were..... They were small, and very quiet. Turns out they were between 1-3 years old, and had been used for breeding quite extensively. 
People love their "designer" dogs and "rare" breeds. These were Boston Terrier/Pit mixes that had been used for breeding. They were starving and in bad shape. Upon further investigation we found several ads on craigslist in that area for "pocket pits" and "Olde Boston Bulldogges". The numbers were all bad. Looks like this breeder made their money off these angels or wasn't getting the right "look" so they just left them to die. This did not have to be.
Be smart when looking for a dog or cat. Be smart when you are trying to re-home a family pet.
Adopt... there are thousands of beautiful fur-babies looking for a home where you live. If you want to buy from a breeder.... Know that a good breeder checks references, they ask questions, they let you meet the parents...... they don't meet you in a parking lot and take your money and run. "Free to a good home" ad's open the door for a world of suffering for your cat or dog. If you can't keep them anymore contact a reputable shelter or a rescue group.
Please adopt from a local shelter or a rescue. Both of my dogs are adopted dogs. One is a long haired miniature dachshund (purebred) that came from P.A.W.S. for Life, her in Edmonton. Leo is a senior (11 this year, where has the time gone?). The other was from the Humane Society, also in Edmonton. Scrappy is considered a "designer" breed. He is a Foxy Doxie (Fox Terrier/Dachshund Cross), he is a dappled Wire Haired dog.

Leo (Feb 4, 2012)
Mom getting cuddles from Scrappy (April 15, 2012)

They are both my buddies and I consider myself fortunate to have them in my life!


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