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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

So I came across this article on a Twitter feed for #knitting...

Keep Your Boehner Out of My Uterus

A pleasant visual showing how many American women feel about the Republican speaker of the House as he fights to defund Planned Parenthoodposted 
I thought it was an interesting article to be featured on a knitting twitter feed until it mentioned sending knit or crochet uteri to Congress.

Congressmen to get knit and crocheted vaginas

Twitter messages sent by @Druchunas announced the new group's effort on two million-member knit and crochet network site, Ravelry: "Rav group #govtfreevjj is live. Pls join & RT. Send a uterus to male gov't reps: 'Hands off my v-jj. Here's your own.' " Influential forces across the knitting community showed their support as fast as the iPhone tweets could beep. Donna Druchunas is a knitwear designer, author, and teacher. Yes, the empowerment of women is a beautiful thing. Read on.

Continue reading on Congressmen to get knit and crocheted vaginas - Providence knitting |
So here are some important links:
Ravelry Group:  Government Free V-JJ 
Hashtag on Twitter:  #govtfreevjj 
Seek out your representatives and their opponents; see where they stand on issues that directly affect you and your loved-ones. Voting does have lasting consequences.


Womb (Knitty)

Crocheted Womb

This one is really cool! It is called the Felt Cervix Project.

Felt Cervix Project 

The original concept of a cervix made out of wool felt, developed into The Felt Cervix Project. Formed in 2011 as a collaborative art installation, with the purpose of creating a large scale sculpture made up of the collected cervices.

The project aims to highlight the importance of sexual and reproductive familiarity, education and empowerment. The scope is purposefully broad and undifferentiated to accommodate the many issues surrounding women’s bodies.

This is an ongoing project, there is no end date at this time. Cervices will be accepted to add to the installation through 2012 and perhaps beyond.
A pattern with instructions on how to knit and felt your own cervix is available here


Mail completed cervices to: Sonya Philip, 1890 Bryant Street studio 211, San Francisco, CA 94110
Please check this out as this affects all women!


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