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My husband and I adopted a beautiful dog named Leo. He is a dachshund and absolutely adorable! we adopted him on June 23, 2010 and he has become the love of our lives.

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Boy what a rough night...

Scrappy and Leo at rest
As you know I get really bad migraines. Back in 2009 I was diagnosed with Ocular Migraines, yep migraines that originate behind the eye, add in early stage cataracts and you have a recipe for great pain. So I have been dealing with migraines, went to bed at 6 and slept until 8 pm. Stayed up and watched TV, no knitting or crocheting whats so ever. So off to bed after watching some shows we DVRed: Castle and NCIS: LA. At 5:00, need to use the loo and heard the water fountain that we use for the dogs and cats was running really low, so I filled and went back to bed.

Scrappy and Leo waiting for instructions
At 5:40 am, hubby and I were woken up randomly by some guy pounding on the front door.Actually he walk Leo and Scrappy first, who woke us up. Hubby was frantic, his pants were in the living room (he leaves them in the living room so he doesn't disturb me when he leaves in the morning during the weekdays. It is such routine he does it on the weekend as well.) where he couldn't reach them. I had to deal with dogs and the door not fun let me tell you.

Apparently he was looking for a girl, why at that hour of the morning, I am not sure why...I need to see if there have been a rash of B & E in our area. It would make sense that he was casing the house or the block and using the "looking for" as a ruse.

I am so thankful for Scrappy and Leo :) They are the best! As I deal with PTSD (from the Home Invasion in 2008), which is getting better as earlier in the evening I didn't have a panic attack when the back doorbell rang. Neighbour across the was letting us know that the garage door was open, again. However you don't expect someone at your door at the hour of the morning, so I can go into panic mode. Thankfully Leo and Scrappy stuck to me all night after that. If I even whimpered or moaned Leo was right there giving me kisses. He is a natural as a therapy dog. I may look into that. There is a group in Edmonton called Hope Heels ( that actually works with rescue and shelter dogs. The have a special program for vets suffering from PTSD...wondering if I could get their help. Most days are good but there are some really bad days where I go back to that day in February. EPS never did catch the people involved that day.

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