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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Another favorite movie and book of mine is Coraline.

Another one of my favorite movies is Coraline. I thought this was a Tim Burton movie but alas it isn't, although the director is connected to Tim Burton. This is why... The director of both Coraline and The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) was Henry Selick. It is often assumed that since Christmas is sometimes credited as Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas that Burton directed that film. While Tim Burton co-wrote and produced Christmas, he had nothing to do with Coraline.

So I got this email today from Hooked on Crochet...

Hi Crocheters,                                                                                 
Make gifts for your little girl this holiday season with some dolls and fashion accessories for her dolls. You know she loves playing with them so much that eventually their hair gets all ratty. Learn How to Detangle Doll Hair so she'll look brand new. My favorite doll accessory right now is this Fashion Doll Santa Hat; it's perfect for the season!

Here are 16 Crochet Dolls and Accessories all in one collection page.

Accessorize your Dolls or Make New Ones:

1. American Girl Doll Summer Raglan Dress
2. American Girl Backpack
3. American Girl Empire Waist Dress with Ruffles
4. Doll Bikini
5. Doll Hoodie
6. Fashion Doll Apron
7. Hawaiian Vintage Doll
8. Mr. Fashion Doll Pants
9. Barbie's Red Dress
10. Coraline Doll
Even More Dolls and Accessories
A hat, cardigan and booties are all provided in this pattern for a doll set. Make them in every color so she can have a new outfit each day.
This is such a cool doll because it can help your child share her feelings. The doll has a happy face and a sad face.

What got my attention was the Coraline doll. She is designed by Sharon Ojala for Homemade Obsessions.

Coraline Doll

Coraline Doll
Make an adorable Coraline Doll from the movie Coraline; she looks just like the real thing. This is a great free crochet pattern that also provides videos for each step. Single crochet is used to make your very own Coraline Doll. She's ready to be made and hugged by a new friend!

So I started looking at her site and found some other Coraline inspired dolls.

Here is a picture of all of the characters:

I thought I would let you know that there are 2 other designs of Coraline.

Allison Hoffman of Crafty Is Cool Fame has a really cute and detailed Caroline doll, also crocheted.
Kimberly Kwon, of Kkhymn's Corner Blog, has a knit version called Little Me Doll - Coraline Inspired.

Coraline Doll Amigurumi $5.99 USD 

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