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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Friend of mine is looking for a singer/actress for the Sasketchewan Fringe...

If you can help email me your information at craftygal1965{at}gmail{dot}com (just remove the brackets and words to get my actual email)

I need help. My theatre company has won numerous awards (including best lighting at the Orlando Fringe and Most Outstanding Performance at the London Fringe). We’re currently at the Toronto Fringe, and are performing in 2 weeks in Saskatoon.

We’re doing a different show in Saskatoon - a musical comedy that we did last year (to sold-out houses) at the Edmonton Fringe. I had originally cast an actress from Toronto. We had planned to rehearse the show here in Toronto and then again in Saskatoon, where she is also going to be in another show.

Unfortunately, she has not learned her music or her lines, and has told me that two shows are too many, which is fine, but NOT two weeks before the Fringe.

Anyway, you can dry your tears of pity. I know there are lots of talented actresses on Ravelry, and some singers, too. I’m looking for someone based in Edmonton, so we can rehearse the show there. The role is the narrator of the show, and there is a little singing (not very much) and several lines. It is supposed to be me 10 years in the future, so if you look a bit like me, that would be really helpful.

I’ll be paying everyone in the troupe an honorarium, providing transportation and arranging housing in Saskatoon. It is supposed to be a really fun Fringe, and the show is also a lot of fun to perform.

The Sask Fringe runs 26th July to the 6th of August,

Thank you all so much, and please pass the message on to any actors/knitters you know! (It’s okay if they don’t knit, too)
Sounds like a great line up for the Sask Fringe, check it out!

Also don't' Forget the Edmonton Fringe this year runs from August 11-21 this year. I have signed up to volunteer this year, anywho I happens ;)

A really important show is playing call Hedwig and the Angry Inch (wikipedia link here). I say it is important as my husband is the playing the keyboards. Also most of our friends are in the show ;)

Here is a review about the star when he performed in the Montreal Fringe Festival this year. The is also the same actor who brought Rocky to life two years ago :)

Review: Hedwig and the Angry Inch (Fringe 2011)

Reviewed by Valerie Cardinal

Since Hedwig & The Angry Inch is one of my favourite movies of all time, I was bound to either love or hate this production. Luckily, Antonio Bavaro won me over. From the moment he steps onstage in Hedwig’s head wig to the moment he takes his final bow, Bavaro is mesmerizing. He totally dominates the stage as Hedwig tells the story of how she changed from an East German boy in love with American Rock n’ Roll to a woman hopelessly in love with an American rock star.

From the first song, I was captivated and enthralled by Bavaro’s passion. It helps that the band is extremely talented and obviously has a lot of fun with the material. Together they turn in a dynamic performance that made me want to get on my feet and sing along.

I only wish Peggy Hogan as Hedwig’s reluctant sidekick Yitzak reached Bavaro’s level of energy. Maybe her microphone needed to be turned up, but I feel she fell a little flat in her performance. But then again, who wouldn’t falter next to a drag queen absolutely tearing up the stage?

Punky bar Katacombes is the perfect venue for Hedwig & The Angry Inch. It’s a little like Hedwig, in the way that’s it’s intimidating but kind of endearing and wonderful at the same time.

Bavaro isn’t afraid to get in your face – often, literally – as he sings about finding true love and a sex change operation gone wrong. Be aware there is a splash zone, and don’t sit in the front if you’re allergic to tomatoes.


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