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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

After abone chilling week, I think I am going to look at these slippers from

There are knit, crocheted, crafted and sewn slippers. Check them out!


Good Morning Crafters,
Nothing kills my mood or gets me pining for summer more than a pair of chilly feet shuffling across a cold floor. It's so hard to get out of bed in the morning when you know you'll have to walk across a frozen tundra just to get to your toothbrush. Slippers are a great way to combat cold feet (perhaps not figurative cold feet, but definitely the literal kind). Plus, you can keep your floors and carpet clean longer when you wear slippers around the house instead of shoes. Many of these homemade slippers are soft enough to wear to bed and keep your toes toasty all night long. Until summer, here's to toasty toes!

Get Warm and Toasty Feet
  1. Warm Boot Slippers (shown)
  2. Adirondack Slipper Socks
  3. Cozy Cabin Slippers for Men
  4. Felted Crochet Slippers
  5. Made to Fit Double Knit Slippers
Slippers for Her
  1. Fancy Feather Slippers (shown)
  2. Rose Crochet Slippers
  3. Crochet Flower Slippers
  4. Knit Mary Jane Slippers
  5. Flower Ballet Slippers
Mini Slippers for Kids and Babies
  1. Little Red Slippers (shown)
  2. Crochet Baby Booties
  3. Knit Baby Booties
  4. Crazy Monster Eyes Slippers
  5. Crochet Baby Shoes
Unique Handmade Slippers
  1. Easy Chunky Knit Footies (shown)
  2. Colorful Granny Square Slippers
  3. Scrap Yarn Crochet Slippers
  4. Simple Slipper Project
  5. Fabulous Pair of Crochet Slippers
Exclusive from AllFreeCrochet, our sister crochet site. Here are the Top 5 Crochet Patterns as featured in their newsletter, Hooked On Crochet, last week:
  1. Irish Snowflake
  2. 3D Wild Rose Snowflake
  3. Crochet Scarf with Flowers
  4. Light and Lacey Scarf
  5. Rose Choker
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Happy Crafting,

Karisa Signature Editor

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