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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Big Valley Jamboree...Update Part 2

A friend of mine, Nick Gulka-he is a DJ from CFCW, was in the concert bowl as this happened. Here is what he witnessed in his own words, spelling errors and all.

Nick's Blog

Nick's Blog August 2nd, 2009

For those who know mw and listen to my are aware I always love to have fun on the radio and invite you to do the same. Well after CFCW day, Saturday at BVJ....I must say that my ability to laugh and not take things to a bit off kilter. What else can we say that we have not said or heard from the papers, radio coverage or from our campsites and fellow campers?

Every year at Big Valley, our team gets to sit in the VIP area....about thirty rows from the stage. Great seats for a show....but frightening when you see your team, friends and other professional aquaintances in the way of danger. I was looking west, behind me...10 minutes before the storm hit. I said to my friend Dave that this thing is coming in an hour or two. We both agreed but....within a few minutes...the west sky was dark blue. Then dark black and almost crimson for a minute. The stage was shaking already....chairs were moving...hats and clothes were flying off.....until the sand showed up.The moment Hooper attempted to warn us and take Billy Curington off.....the real wind was about to show up...and forever change our look at that big stage area we the Jamboree stage.

It took two seconds to topple the stage...once it started. I mentione on the air yesterday to JR that it seemed like a house of cards that your big sister would push down on you, after you spent so long to build it up. I remember seeing Hooper get moved backwards. I saw a few sparks and heard the sound of metal hitting metal. The sickest feeling I ever felt...was watching the hair of the folks on the poser the left and right of Billy's center up and get tossed around when the stands crumbled. What do you do? People are scrambling....huddled together....and I must say...the entire area I was in at the VIP section...were cool, calm and just waiting it out. But the calm was looked back on the stage. It was not calm there at all.

It took me a minute at least to get to the from and jump on the deck where the security had already been fighting with wind screen, cables, and of course...large poles of metal and huge stage equiptment. As the rain satrted to pour on the stage, cries for help were everywhere as most of the people were still getting off or pinned to the stage under the debris and stands as well. I asked the security for permssion to help and then also saw a very heartbroken and concerned Larry Werner who was doing his best to lead the men and security to clear off debris. We located one lady who was pinned by heavy speakes and lighting poles. It took the efforts of all that were there...I think ten to twenty of clear the area before she could be pulled out.

Of the twenty...the most calm and proffesional firefighters arrived to help and lead as well. The guys were awesome...all I can say. Awesome! By this time..30 minutes later...most of the trapped were removed. The most serious were still being tended to. And the rain...that has had us talking about it all year here in Alberta....would not stop. It was so hard to to see and work...but the men and a few women...nurses I imagine were doing the best they could.

It was about 40 minutes after the storm hit...that a very polite firefighter asked me to go and get safe. I was feeling better knowing that we heled a few friends to get out...and get medical help. As I headed for the closest jump off the heart the pouring the lady we pulled from under the stands...the heavy equiptement on top of her for close to 30 minutes....was covered up, in a tarp. The woman I had just touched, the same woman who was given a ticket to sit close to one of her favorite country acts.. as a treat....was killed. When you see the people in that section on the is a reward and alot of fun for station staff....BVJ staff...and other officials to award these seats to some lucky fans to get close to their heroes. This time...they were put in danger that we did not see coming.

After I had gotten to my truck...I changed...and went to the Camrose station to help Jackie Rae and the gang do what I can and imform the best we could. As I made my way...I could see the tents, clothing and garbage all over the site area and over the hiway as well. A long stream of emergancy vehicles made there way to help out their friends already on scene. All I remeber saying to myself the entire trip was..."she's dead...she's dead". When I spoke with Jackie on air about my was so hard to announce that I did, for sure, see a casualty. I believe CFCW was the first to announce the death.

Later on through the night...I found myself...still rattled and hurt by what I saw that I found myself cling to my security blanket that I have used before... CFCW. Just listening to Dale Smith and the proffesional staff on the air....gave me peace of mind and clear information to relax and feel more calm. By the end of the night...all CFCW staff were safe...and all campers were at their camp sites. Security had the whole site shutt down, and emergency crews were doing their thing.

I want to thank all of the folks tha contributed to helping those that were in need....thank the people who looked out for one another...and of course pray for the young woman who lost her life. It is so easy for us to want everything to be simple and routine. We almost expect nothing like this to happen. When it does...we just wonder ..why?

Make time to let those you love, know how you feel about them...and we also send out prayers and good health to those who were injured as well.

God Bless,


I agree with Nick here, remember to take time out to let those who you love know they are loved. Donna Moore, a single mom lost her life during this time. That was the woman who Nick spoke of. There is a trust fun that has been set up and Global Edmonton News has been running a 3 part auction from Thursday to Monday. Here is more information on Donna and the trust fund for her 2 children ( you need to have Adobe in order to see the pdf.).


The accidental death of Donna Moore of Lloydminster, AB, (and formerly of Humboldt, SK), occurred tragically at the Big Valley Jamboree in Camrose, AB, on Saturday, August 1, 2009. She was 35 years of age. Donna will be lovingly remembered by her two sons, Michael and Dylan of Lloydminster; her father, Donald Moore of Humboldt; two aunts: Leona (Marv) Schedlosky of Muenster; and Joyce Bolton (Hantford) of Saskatoon; and by special friends: Tracy Timmerman and Jay Scarborough, both of Lloydminster. She was predeceased by her mother, Valerie (nee Lengyel) Moore (August 29, 2005); and her brother, Scott Moore (April 15, 2000). The Funeral Service for Donna will be held at Westminster United Church, Humboldt, on Saturday, August 8, 2009, at 10:00 a.m., officiated by Rev. Brenda Curtis. Interment will follow at Humboldt Public Cemetery. A Memorial Service will also be held in Lloydminster at a future date, which will be announced in the Star Phoenix when those arrangements are complete. Memorial donations may be directed to the Donna Moore Memorial Trust Fund (for her children) either to Servus Credit Union, Atrium Centre, Box 1410, Lloydminster, AB/SK, T9V 0K2/S9V 1K4 or c/o Kurt Price, 5026 50th. Street, Lloydminster, AB, T9V 1P3. SCHULER-LEFEBVRE Funeral Chapel, Humboldt, SK, S0K 2A0 (306-682-4114)

Remember to tell that someone that you love, that you love them, because tomorrow may never come.


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