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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Today I await for the opinion from the judges that heard the appeal in the Pickton case in the BC Court Of Appeals...

as I wait I think of the families that will be affected by the outcome of this judgment. The 6 families that got justice when Pickton was found guilty of second degree murder in all 6 charges that he faced. The life sentence he got with no chance of parole in 25 years. Pickton is in his 60's so he wouldn't get until he is in his 80's. Conceivably he could die in prison, he would live 4 times as longer as his most victims who died in their 20's.

I often think of Georgina and Brenda, the wonderful and often funny memories of them. I remember Georgina playing with my daughter, as a baby, on the floor of the WISH Drop In. At the time it was located in the First United Church, on Hastings and Cordova. I remember one particular night where I had just finished giving my girl a bottle and Georgina wanted to hold her, which was fine. What happened next was so funny! Georgina was on the floor and she diced to play rocket ship with her and my daughter spit up on her and the spit up landed right in her cleavage! Georgina just laughed as I got a spit up cloth for her to clean up the mess. I still remember her laugh to this day.

I knew Brenda more as a result of my drinking days, as she was the bouncer for my favorite bar. Brenda was a beuatiful and wonderful young woman. I remember her often taking me home as I was not aware of my surroundings after drinking. One night, I was sober at the time as I was pregnant with my little girl, I was leaving the Drop In. I often went there just to talk and be with friends as I was not sleeping well due to the pregnancey. I had been working there until I took maternity leave from my job at the Downtown Eastside women's Centre, however I had developed relationships with the women and often kept in contact with them. One night Brenda stepped in when I was waiting to cross the street to go home. For some reason Johns seemed to find pregnant women more appealing.

This fairly old car drove beside me, and this man asked me if I wanted to go to his place to smoke dope. I never touched dope so I just said no, not good for the baby, etc. He kept at me until Brenda came out with another gal. Brenda appeared alarmed and walked over to the vehicle, saying "Willie she ain't one of us. She works for the drop in. Leave her alone." I mean it wasn't the first time that I had been approached, nor would it be the last time. Depending on the question I had a cute answer that usually disuaded the john, good naturedly. I never realized who he was until I saw his arrest on tv in 2002. I was physically ill as I realized just how close I was to this man on that long ago day in February 1988, just a month before my little girl was born. Brenda was feircly loyal to her friends and I felt honored to be her friend.

Sometimes I lay awake at night, wondering if the altercation that night had put Brenda in Picton's sights. Brenda was a strong and powerful aboriginal woman who loved her family and friends. She was feircely loyal and had a zest for life.

I miss you both and I hope that you are now at rest and peace.


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