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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dreamwolf Off the Hook-Pokemon Dolls, Other Doll Designs and Jewelry

I was sent a link to the Pichu adn discovered this amazing blog called Dreamwolf Off the Hook. Check out her amazing site and her patterns. These are awesome! If you love Pokemon, her Pokemon dolls are amazing! They are very detailed.

Go on check the site know you wanna!




From the Website: Electrode is another cute but simple to make Pokemon. He's the evolved form of Voltorb and is a little bigger. Also with Electrode, the white part is the upper half, while with Voltorb, the red part is on top.


From the website: This is the Jigglypuff I made for the kids. I ended up using a virgin wool (cause it's the only pink color I had) and I don't like making 3D pieces in wool because it's inconsistent and a bit stretchy to work with. I'll have to remake one at some point in good acrylic yarn. I thought about making the microphone, but I was too tired ... I'll probably do that next time.


From the Website: This guy has been hard to get good pictures of because of his colors, and this is the best I can do for right now. Pachirisu is my middle daughter's very favorite pokemon, so I made this for her. I hope you can see the details well enough.

This third pic was just purely for fun. It seems that Pachirisu is something of a camera hound, and decided to ham it up just a little for us. :)

4) Pichu

From the website: This is the Pichu doll I just finished up for my youngest daughter who is probably the world's biggest Pichu fan.

Please note that this pattern as of posting has not been tested. My regular pattern tester is out of town for a while, so if you notice anything wrong, let me know I'll make changes asap.


From the Website: This is a Pikachu doll I made for my daughter. Even though I've been crocheting for 35 years, this is the first time I've ever tried to write out a pattern for someone other than myself to follow, so if anything is confusing, please let me know I'll do my best to fix it :)


From the Website: Plusle and Minun are two of the 'helping pokemon'. They're very cute and energetic and make very sweet little dolls. The girls really enjoy playing with them :) The patterns are below and as always if you find any problems, please don't hesitate to let me know, I'll fix it as soon as possible.


From the Website: I made a bunch of these pokeballs for the kids starting way back in the mid 90's ... when they were little. They'd lose one (or the dogs would chew them up) so I'd make more. Even at their ages they still love to play with these things :)


From the Website: Despite the fact I know his swirl is backwards, here's my version of Poliwhirl. This is one of the dolls the kids fought over, so I had to make several LOL. I never did get that swirl to go in the right direction (clock-wise) .... I guess Im 'swirl' challenged! :)

9) PSYDUCK (my favorite annoying Pokemon)

From the Website: Well being on a bit of a Pokemon kick lately ... I made a Psyduck for the girls. (I may keep it tho, cause I'm quite fond of Psyduck).

10) Shaymin

From the Website: This is a Shaymin plushie I made by request. Poor guy has been thru an awful lot. My cat took a liking (or disliking) to him and decided to chew his nose nearly off, and 'degrassed' his back pretty good too. After some serious repair work and surgery on the nose, he's back together but just a tad bit worse for his unexpected adventure.

11) Squirtle

This is a little squirtle I recently finished for the girls. It took me longer than usual, due to the fact I have a bad infection in my eye, which causes my eye to water constantly, making everything blurry all the time. It should clear up in a few days but it's been really a pain trying to work with blurry eyes. LOL.


Voltorb is a cute but simple pokemon to make. He always seems grumpy, but I guess if people were always mistaking me for a pokeball, I'd be a little grumpy too!



This little fella I made for me! I filled it halfway with unpopped popcorn kernals, so it's well weighted and it's my new paper-weight. He's Bomomb, from the Mario Bros. games. I always kinda liked him LOL


From the Website: This is Chain-Chomp from the Mario Brothers games. I made this because my middle daughter begged me to. LOL. When writing out the pattern for it, I tried to make it as plain as possible, but I'm still learning how to write out patterns for someone other than myself to read, so bear with me. If anything is confusing, please let me know and I'll do my best to explain or change it.



From the Website: I've made several of these for my daughters and their friends. They just love anything pokemon related. LOL


This has to be one of my favorite of my earring designs. It's simple and clean, big enough to please my daughter, but delicate enough to please me LOL

You can make these in just any color, or combine two colors for a different effect. I've even made some in glow-in-the-dark thread (you can find that usually in the embroidery thread rack)

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