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Monday, August 25, 2008

On a serious note for a moment....

I got to meet a wonderful woman, through the internet. Though we have never met in person, Glendene has touched me in a way few can understand. Glendene has a wonderful family and a part of Glendene's family is missing, her daughter Jessie Foster. Jessie doesn't even know that she has become an aunt.

Jessie has been missing for 2 years now, a victim of sex trafficking. Jessie is only 4 years older than my own daughter. I can't imagine what it must be like to know that my daughter is missing. I don't what I would do. If you could take a few minutes and read the following sites and post about Jessie on your blogs, that would be great. Glendene has been trying everything to bring her daughter home.

Please if you have seen Jessie or know of her whereabouts please contact the police, the local crimestoppers or Las Vegas Police.

Here are the websites and Glendene's contact information. We need to bring Jessie home and bring peace to the family.

Email (Jessie's Mom):
Email (personal):

Website: http://www. jessiefoster. ca/
BlogSpot: http://jessiefoster. blogspot. com/
MySpace: http://www. myspace. com/jessiesmomglendene
Facebook: http://www. facebook. com/profile. php?id=553228020
NowPublic: http://members. nowpublic. com/jessiesmomglendene
Chris's Crime Forum: http://chriscrimeforum. freeforums. org/human-trafficking-f89. html



  1. Cora, thank you for posting about Jessie on your site. I appreciate it so much. Especially you asking for others to read & repost. God bless you - sincerely, Jessie's mom Glendene.

  2. I am always happy to be able to post anywhere. We need to find Jessie and bring her home.



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