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My husband and I adopted a beautiful dog named Leo. He is a dachshund and absolutely adorable! we adopted him on June 23, 2010 and he has become the love of our lives.

I love to share patterns that I find along the way or to talk about some of the neatest designers that are out there today, so I love to post links to the designs or the designers.

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

We had a concern come up regarding the dogs, yesterday.

Apparently someone came to the front door after I left to go do taxes (Make Tax Time Pay or AKA Community Volunteer Income Tax Program-CVITP) at Sprucewood Library. The must have opened the screen door because when DH came home Leo was in the front yard, actually I believe he said he was on the porch. Also, the left the gate to the porch wide open...not good!

We have a big sign in the window that says Beware of Dog in Big Red Lettering. You would think that the sign would hold enough information. there is also a sticker on the door saying there are pets in the house for emergency personnel, as we also have cats not just the dogs.

So I designed a sign to hopefully deter people from opening the screen door to knock on the door. Believe me we don NOT need someone banging on the actual door to know that someone is there Leo and Scrappy do a great job of notifying us that someone is at the door.

Here is the sign...

Thankfully all is well and the boys are safe and sound. Scrappy had stayed in the house and Leo had stayed in the yard...I shudder to think what could have happened as hubby had noticed a loose miniature dachsahund running around on 95 st between 111 and 115 Avenues. that is a busy area and he tried looking again to see if he could see the dog. I may go looking later myself with the boys as doxie love other doxies.

I would be so upset if I lost my boys as I love them soooooo much! So please when you see a dog sign or any signs that a dog lives there, don't give the animal a way to escape. We may need to rethink the dog door as it was originally put there when we had an enclosed front porch. Now it is semi-enclosed, which I love however the dog door is proving to an obvious issues.


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